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O’Tru no Trus


O’Tru no Trus

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O’Tru no Trusという名前について聞いたところ、太樹さんの夢の中でオートゥルノトゥルスという声が響き、なんと大きな木にいた芋虫に「オートゥルノトゥルスに気をつけろ〜」と言われたそうです。ちょっと衝撃的な由来でした・・・。




作家プロフィール profile 〉

“It’s read as O’Tru no Trus. They live on Awaji Island. They collect together those that wash up from the sea. They try to create a point of contact between the outside world and their own.”

Based around Awaji Island, Daiki Tanemura and Kou Ozaki create works using a combination of jetsam that has been cast into the sea and brass. Mr. Kou is in charge of the work’s design with Mr. Daiki in charge of processing the metals.

When asking about the name O’Tru no Trus, Mr. Daiki says that a voice saying O’Tru no Trus really resonated with him in his dream, and that surprisingly a caterpillar told him to “watch out for O’Tru no Trus”. A somewhat shocking origin to the term…

They pick up jetsam from the quiet shores of Awaji Island, Okinawa, Shikoku, and places where there are not many people. They pick up anything they find interesting on instinct. They consider where the things they pick up may have come from and put their love into them, then go on to make them into works of art.

The works that these two make are done so meticulously from start to finish, almost as if they were being used in a prayer to the Gods.The key term for this planned exhibition is “a new world”. Their new journey for creation began at Mizusai. Please come and see their works that will no doubt move your heart.

O’Tru no Trus作品

O’Tru no Trus作品

O’Tru no Trus作品

O’Tru no Trus

O’Tru no Trus

O’Tru no Trus

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In February 2014 they met and lived on Awaji Island
In 2017 they began creating works together
They began picking up jetsam in 2008 as a hobby of Mr. Tanemura’s.