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「HEADS / DINNER」シックな色の組み合わせ。夕食を食べているのでしようか?アクリルガッシュを何層にも塗っては彫りを繰り返す事により生まれた質感が魅力と造形のユニークさが魅力です。
"HEADS / DINNER" A chic color combination. Are they having dinner? The texture created by repeatedly applying and carving layers of acrylic gouache is appealing, as is the uniqueness of the modeling.This work will be shipped after September 27th, after the exhibition.

¥15,000 +tax


作品詳細 details

価格 price :¥15,000 (税込 ¥16,500 )
サイズ size :約 w5×d3×h8 cm
重さ weight :約 50g
作家 artist :はっとりこうへい HATTORI Kouhei
素材 material :木 wood


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